Ambassador Dana Shell Smith attends Dubai Air Show

On November 8 and 9, U.S. Ambassador to the State of Qatar Dana Shell Smith will attend the Dubai Air Show.  As one of the United States’ most important trading partners in the region, Qatar imported in 2014 over $5 billion in goods, with aircraft and aviation equipment comprising a significant share thereof.  As Qatar Airways, among the largest customers worldwide for U.S. commercial aircraft, continues its expansion, the airline will continue to facilitate direct travel of passengers to the U.S. from Qatar.  These visitors—nearly 500,000 each year —not only enhance our two countries’ relations through people-to-people connections, but they also spend an estimated $153 million in the United States, a sum that strengthens our economy. “The U.S. aviation industry is a major job creator in our country and driver of innovation.  It is one of America’s industrial pillars with iconic brands that continue to grow internationally,” said Ambassador Smith.

Ambassador Smith will attend the first two days of the show and will tour the U.S. Pavilion.  She will have an opportunity to also view various U.S. aircraft and meet U.S. exhibitors and high-level U.S. and Qatari officials taking part in the show.  “I am excited to be here and to support American companies.  This is one of industry’s premier events and we look forward to learning about the success of our exhibitors,” added Ambassador Smith.

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