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American Corner Qatar
March 21, 2021

In various locations around the world U.S. embassies and local institutions have joined together to create small libraries where visitors can go to find information about the United States. Typically, the embassy provides funding, programs, training, computer equipment, and other support while the local partner supplies a space, personnel, collection maintenance, and other basic services. We call these libraries “American Corners,” a name chosen for them when the first such partnerships emerged in the spring of 2000. There are American Corners in every region of the world, usually situated far from the capital city in each country. Every year several million people visit an American Corner, where they find books, magazines, music, and electronic databases with accurate information about the USA. Corners also offer an ever-changing array of programs with speakers, films, workshops, and classes.

The first American Corner in Qatar was opened in Qatar University Library in 2007. It is housed in the newly opened Library building on the men’s floor where all are welcome to visit and experience America first hand.