COVID-19 Information

Country-Specific Information:

Qatar has confirmed a total of 481 cases (as of March 21) of COVID-19 cases (Ministry of Public Health).

In line with the Government of Qatar’s restrictions on gathering, the U.S. Embassy is limiting services to American Citizens. If you are in need of a U.S. citizen service (passport renewal or Consular Report of Birth Abroad), please email

Are there any new restrictions in place as a result of the worldwide outbreak?

  • Beginning on March 18, there will be no incoming passenger flights to Doha for a period of two weeks. The flight ban will last two weeks and can be renewed by the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management (SCCM).
  • The flight ban only refers to arriving passenger flights, cargo and transiting passengers are still permitted to utilize the airport.  The ban does not apply to Qatari citizens provided they accept a mandatory two-week quarantine upon arrival.
  • Most public places, including schools, parks, public transportation, restaurants and cafes for eat-in service, gyms, and bars are closed.
  • All public events and social events such as weddings, sporting events, cinemas, festivals, and sports clubs are closed or canceled. Legal action may be taken against violators of these restrictions.

Do travelers need particular documentation to exit?

The Embassy is unaware of any documentation related to COVD-19 necessary for exiting Qatar.

Quarantine Information

U.S. citizens who have been exposed to COVID-19 may find themselves quarantined by the Government of Qatar. If you are a U.S. citizen in quarantine, please email the American Citizen Services Unit at, provide a phone number, and a consular officer will call you.

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