Discover America Festival 2017 kick off with Qatar Little League Baseball

Friday, October 27, 2017 saw the kick off event for Discover America Festival 2017 with the start of Qatar Little league Baseball at the grounds of American School of Doha. This is the first event in a series of events both commercial and cultural to be organized in different parts of the city to mark the Discover America Festival 2017. The event saw a huge rush of people enjoying a day out watching the game and also learning it.

Qatar Little League, a youth sports volunteer organization, has been a fixture for 20 years in the Doha community. In previous seasons we have registered over 300 players from more than 20 countries, Qatar Little League allows children, ages 4-18, to play and enjoy the games of baseball and softball. At present, the league uses a field at the American School of Doha to complete its six-month season