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Through educational and cultural programs, we encourage the sharing of ideas between Qataris and Americans on a wide variety of topics.

In this era of pandemic we have made an attempt to bring the American Space experience virtually so that you can get almost the same experience and also remain safe at the same time. Please visit our             Virtual American Space and stay connected!!!

The U.S. Embassy in Doha conducts and facilitates educational and cultural exchange programs on behalf of the U.S. Government in Qatar. These programs include Study in the U.S.A., Fulbright Program, International Visitors Leadership Program, English Language Teaching, U.S. Speaker Program, among many others.

Embassy Doha invites students to explore the wealth of educational opportunities in the U.S. and through its advising office obtain objective and timely information about the various institutions of higher studies there.

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To help achieve this goal following services are provided by the embassy:

Services offered by Education USA Advising Office:

Our advising office provides the following services to all students in Qatar:

  1. Individual and group advising
  2. Outreach presentations at high schools public and private and colleges and universities
  3. Reference library for research on universities in different field of studies
  4. Standardized test preparation material that are sold at cost price.
  5. Training workshops for school counselors to be able to help their students
  6. Pre-departure sessions for students leaving for the United States about life and education in the USA and visa procedures.
  7. Participation in school career days or educational fairs
  8. Meetings with students during college fairs and school visits

English Language Programs:

  1. English Language specialists for training workshops at different institutions: SEC, QU, Police Academy, etc.
  2. Moving-library with resources for teachers that moves from one school to another
  3. Story reading activities at Primary schools and book donations to school libraries

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Join us online where experts from the U.S. higher education community will offer invaluable insight on financing your studies.  Sessions topics include financial aid, planning a budget, managing personal expenses, and campus employment for international students in the United States.

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