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English Language Program
March 24, 2021

As part of our overall mission to strengthen the relationship between the United States and Qatar, U.S. Embassy Doha offers a number of programs to assist and support students, teachers and administrators of English as a Second Language (ESL).

In this era of COVID when one is restricted to the confines and safety of their own homes, you can still pursue your ambition of picking up English language skills using the following options at your own pace:

Activities for English Language learners:

    • The American English YouTube Channel  Here you’ll find hundreds of videos to help you improve your English. Lots of activities and resources from grammar tips to pronunciation practice!
    • Check out the American English Facebook Page!  This is an interactive page to engage English language learners with content and opportunities to practice and increase the English language acquisition process.
    • Listen in! Develop your listening skills by tuning into the 22.33 podcast! Produced by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) featuring stories from people who have been involved in ECA exchange programs. New stories are released every Friday.
    • English for Media Literacy  This course is designed for non-native English speakers who are interested in improving their language skills and knowledge of the media at the same time. The course has 5 modules and is self-paced, so you can learn on your own schedule. This course provides the opportunity to develop a broader understanding of the role media plays in our lives while building the vocabulary and language skills needed to analyze what we read and watch.You can enroll in this course until July 17, 2020. You may log in and complete coursework at any time during the course. However, all coursework must be completed by July 27, 2020.Click here to enroll.


  • Activities for English Language Educators:
    • Deep dive into professional development by topic for English teachers. On the American English YouTube channel, there’s a special section that houses 15 playlists of webinars and teaching tips, organized by topic, to support teacher professional development.
    • American English for Educators Facebook Page  Provides access to useful resources, creative teaching ideas, and professional development opportunities.
    • American English Live: Teacher Development Series 8 begins on May 6, 2020! Follow American English for Educators on Facebook to stay updated on each event in the series!
    • English Teaching Forum  The current issue of English Teaching Forum (Volume 58, Number 1), is available on the American English website. Download it for ideas about teaching Medical English and other English for Specific Purposes (ESP) course, maintaining a communicative classroom, tips for getting young learners to use English during class, and much more.
    • The podcast 22.33 produced by the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs can serve as a teaching tool to help English language learners develop their language and critical thinking through stories. From native speakers from the United States to foreigners from around the world, students will have access to the diverse sounds of global English. Audio and transcripts for each episode can be downloaded directly from the website.


  • MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)
    • Teaching Grammar Communicatively  This practice-orientated course led by an instructor, will explore how to adapt grammar instruction to meet students’ needs. They will focus on integrating grammar instruction with teaching language skills, learn about task-based grammar learning and evaluate different error correction strategies.This course will be offered between May 11 – June 15, 2020. Enroll now! Enrollment closes on May 22, 2020.
    • Using Educational Technology in the English Language Classroom  This free self-paced course is developed in collaboration with Iowa State University and is designed to prepare TESOL professional to integrate language learning tools into their English language teaching. Participants will become aware of free technological tools, learn how to use these tools for language learning and teaching, and evaluate the appropriateness of technology for their specific contexts.Enrollment is now open and will close on July 17th. All coursework must be completed by July 27, 2020. Click here to enroll!


  • For non-COVID time Key programs include:
    • Micro Moving Library Program
      The Micro Moving Library Program is an Embassy initiative aimed at sharing English language teaching and learning resources with independent schools at the primary, preparatory and secondary levels through the provision of English language books and cutting edge teaching materials. Please click here for a printable program brochure (PDF 170 KB).
    • Primary School Reading Program
      Through the Primary School Reading Program, volunteers from the Embassy community visit local primary schools to read and discuss English language story books with students. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in having Embassy volunteers read at your school.
    • English Language Book Club
      The purpose of the book club program is to inspire students’ love of reading and English language learning through the discovery of great literature. Each year, the Embassy sponsors book clubs in one to two schools and works with students in these schools over a period of several weeks in reading a selected book and engaging in lively discussion that promotes English language learning and open debate.
    • English Language Film Club
      The purpose of the initiative is to inspire English language practice and discussion through the art of film. Each year, the Embassy selects one to two schools to work with on the program. Embassy staff work with students over a period of several weeks on the program, which involves watching an educational film and engaging in a number of hands on activities promoting discussion and debate about the film in their classroom.
    • Reading and Writing Competitions
      At various points throughout the year, the Embassy will hold English language Reading and Essay Writing Competitions for interested students.
    • Professional Development Events for Teachers
      Last year the Embassy offered rewarding (and free!) professional development opportunities for English teachers in Qatar through our Language and Literacy Professional Development Workshop Series.  So don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to be included on our events mailing list!
    • English Language Specialist Program
      The English Language Specialist Program recruits U.S. academics in the field of Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) for short-term workshops abroad. At various points throughout the year, the U.S. Embassy Doha will host these U.S. specialists to conduct professional development workshops at interested schools and institutions.
    • E-Teacher Scholarship Program
      The E-Teacher Scholarship Program offers intensive online, graduate level classes to Qatari English teaching professionals through two U.S. universities, the University of Maryland Baltimore County and the University of Oregon. Participants receive certificates from the universities upon successful completion of the course. Each year the Embassy sends out a “Call for Applications” for the program. Please contact us if you are interested in participating.
    • Webinar Program
      The Embassy offers interactive online professional development seminars for interested English language teachers, coordinators and administrators. These seminars are free of charge and conducted by experts from top U.S. universities and are offered at various times throughout the year. Webinar participants are eligible to receive certificates from the Embassy if they participate in at least 6 hours of any given webinar series. Please contact us if you would like to be alerted of upcoming webinars.