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July 26, 2022

Message for U.S. Citizens: Road Closure during Eid Al-Adha and Road Safetey [07/26/2022]

  • Embassy Doha wishes you a happy, safe, and peaceful Eid Al -Adha.  During this time from the beginning of July 8th until July 16th there will be road closure on Corniche Street.

    Rules of the Road: 

    Embassy Doha would like to remind you of the following safety considerations when on the open road here in Qatar. Although the rules of the road in Qatar are very similar to those of the U.S., there are a few key differences:

    – When approaching a traffic light that is green and about to turn red, it will blink yellow several times before turning solid yellow and then red. If you do not believe you will be completely through the intersection before the light turns red, it is best to stop to avoid running the red. A red-light violation can result in a fine up to QR10,000 or about $2,600.

    – When entering a roundabout, remember that the outside lane must yield to the inside lane.

    – There are no right turns on red permitted in Qatar. If there is a camera at the intersection, it will trigger and a fine will be issued.

    – In addition to red light cameras, be aware that Qatar uses many speeding cameras.

    – Obscene gestures or road rage can lead to fines and be investigated by the MOI Traffic Police based off a compliant by another driver.

    If you believe you’ve incurred a traffic fine, you may check by visiting:


    You will need only to know your vehicle license plate number and they type of vehicle (private vehicle, diplomatic vehicle, etc). It is recommended that your vehicle is checked at least twice per month because the MOI does not notify people directly that they have incurred a fine. If you discover you have a fine to pay and do so within a month if it being issued, the MOI will only charge you half that amount.