U.S. Elections – The Process

The Road to the White House

The road to the White House seems to lengthen with each successive election cycle. For months, prospective candidates have been testing the waters with exploratory committees, fundraising events and tours of states holding early primaries.

Achieving the U.S. presidency almost certainly will involve first winning the nomination of one of the country’s major political parties by securing the votes of a majority of the delegates attending a national convention.

So-called “third party” candidates — those not affiliated with either the Democratic or the Republican party — could affect the outcome of the race by depriving the major candidates of votes, but, based on U.S. history, are unlikely to be elected themselves.

Democratic and Republican parties set their own rules for selecting delegates and for allocating votes among participating jurisdictions.

How to Vote from outside of the United States

Visit FVAP.gov. Overseas citizen voters face a specific set of challenges while voting absentee. FVAP.gov we will provide you the information and contacts you need to successfully cast an absentee ballot.

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U.S. Election Process

Everything you wanted to know about the Presidential Nominating Process, Campaign Finance, Debates, Caucuses and Primaries, Party Conventions, Electoral College and Voting

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U.S. Election Terms

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