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Qatari Joint Special Forces and ISF Will Conduct Joint Crisis Response Exercise with US Forces
March 20, 2019

DOHA, Qatar – The Government of Qatar is hosting an annual crisis response exercise conducted by U.S. Central Command on March 21-27, 2019 in order to strengthen our enduring relationship and improve interoperability.

Approximately 400 Qatari Joint Special Forces and ISF and 200 U.S. military personnel will participate in exercise Invincible Sentry 2019 at military training areas and other remote locations throughout Qatar. In addition, a small portion will take place at other locations approved by the Government of Qatar, with a design to create minimal impact to the local populace. A small U.S. headquarters element will also participate at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida.

This exercise is a regularly scheduled event between U.S. Central Command and individual partner nations, and consists of simulated scenarios to facilitate a bilateral response to a transnational security threat.

The United States and Qatar cooperate on a broad range of Arabian Gulf security issues. CENTCOM maintains its forward headquarters facility and a Combined Air Operations Center in Qatar. Qatar’s history of supporting NATO, coalition and U.S. military operations in the region reflects its enduring commitment to regional stability.

The U.S. military participates in more than 80 exercises with partner nations in the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility each year. Exercises in the region are designed to strengthen military-to-military relationships, promote regional security and improve interoperability with partner nations.