Ramadan in Qatar is a special time for me and my family – Ambassador Smith

“Muslims in America celebrate Ramadan in a variety of unique ways, but also enjoy the strong traditions similarly observed in Qatar and other countries. Ramadan combines an individual sense of responsibility with a greater sense of community and pride.  For example, many Muslim Americans volunteer in their communities by serving food to the needy, organizing clothing drives, or caring for the elderly. Islamic Centers and mosques stay open later, welcome visitors and host iftars for the community. In the United States, Ramadan also provides a chance for greater understanding of Islam.  Civil and political leaders often visit mosques to engage with local religious community leaders, and to acknowledge the important contributions of American Muslims to the multicultural fabric of the United States.

Ramadan in Qatar is a special time for me and my family. This month always reminds me of how warm the Qatari people are and how much they cherish their values, tradition, and culture.  It is a time to spend with our families and remember the blessings of life. I have been so honored to attend iftars with many of my Qatari friends, and the iftar receptions with His Highness the Emir have been such wonderful and memorable experiences. Celebrating Garangao with Qatari children has also been one of my favorite memories. Ramadan, whether in the United States or in Qatar, is a truly special time.”