Lost or Stolen Passport

Our American Citizen Services Unit can replace lost, stolen, or damaged passports upon verification of your identity and your citizenship.  We accept applications by appointment during routine service hours. To replace a lost or stolen passport, please schedule an appointment.

If you need to travel for a life-or-death emergency, walk-ins will be accepted, subject to approval by a Consular Officer. A same-day emergency passport can be issued in a true emergency only. Please contact us in advance to inform us of your need for an emergency appointment.

We also encourage you to report the loss or theft of your United States passport immediately using the State Department’s online tool.  Keep in mind that if you report your passport as lost or stolen online and subsequently recover that passport, you will not be able to use it as it will be electronically cancelled. You can also report your United States passport as lost or stolen when you apply for a replacement passport.

Bring the following to your interview with a Consular Officer:

  1. Electronically completed and printed Passport Application FormDo not sign the form.  If you do not have a social security number, please enter all zeros “0” into the social security field. List your local address for the mailing address although the passport will not be mailed. Note:  You cannot currently list a “Country” when completing the “Emergency Contact” section on our forms. Please list an emergency contact in the United States.
  2. Completed and printed DS-64 Statement Regarding Lost or Stolen Passport Form. Do not sign this form.
  3. A Qatari Police report documenting what happened. Please have it translated into English.
  4. If your passport was damaged, please bring it to your interview for inspection by a Consular Officer.
  5. 1 recent photograph
  6. Payment for the passport

U.S. citizens who do not schedule individual appointments for all applicants or provide a completed online application form will be asked to return to the U.S. Embassy on another business day. Please be aware that your appointment refers to the time you should arrive in the Consular Section.  Please take into consideration time required for travel and security screening.  Once you arrive in the Consular Section, please take a number.

Passport Collection Procedure

U.S. passports are generally ready within two weeks of submitting your application.  You can pick up your passport at the front gate window of the embassy without an appointment.  Pickup time is 10:30-11:30 AM on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (except for American and Qatari holidays).

The embassy will not keep your old passport while we process your application, but you must present your old passport when you pick-up your new one. A Consular Officer will cancel your old passport at that time.

For a wealth of other passport and travel information, please visit the State Department website.