U.S. Embassy celebrates U.S.-Qatari Ties at National Day Gala

Press Release

As Prepared                                                                                           February 27, 2017

For Immediate Release

U.S.  Embassy celebrates U.S.-Qatari Ties at National Day Gala

Doha – The U.S. Embassy in Doha hosted its annual National Day Gala at the St. Regis Hotel this evening.  Ambassador Dana Shell Smith welcomed the guests of honor, His Excellency Saleh Bin Ghanim Nasser Al Ali, Minister of Culture and Sport; His Excellency Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al Rumaihi, Minister of Municipality and Environment and a distinguished array of Qatari officials, fellow diplomats, business, cultural, and education leaders who celebrated the strong U.S.-Qatar bilateral relationship.

In her remarks, Ambassador Smith praised the diverse partnership and friendship between the two nations and recognized contributions at all levels that deepen ties between the United States and Qatar every day.  Ambassador Smith highlighted the economic and educational ties between the United States and Qatar, noting “We have hundreds of American companies working in Qatar, a successful annual Economic and Investment dialogue, countless American brands now available at Qatar’s stunning malls, and so much more. One of the United States’ greatest exports is education and Qatar is quickly becoming a global education powerhouse in its own right.  I am very proud of the six U.S. universities that contribute to Qatar’s knowledge economy and the researchers and experts that work in Qatari institutions, finding incredible opportunities to innovate in what has to be one of the world’s most dynamic research environments. I am equally proud that 42 of our 50 states have attracted Qatari students to pursue their own higher education while discovering that America really isn’t exactly what it looks like on tv.”  Ambassador Smith also underscored historic achievements in U.S.-Qatar military cooperation that will contribute to Qatar’s and the region’s security and stability, adding “Let me say it unambiguously:  the United States is a friend and partner that Qatar can count on now and in the future to face challenges together.”

The Ambassador concluded that the event was a celebration of U.S.-Qatari partnerships on multiple levels saying “Today, we celebrate America’s history, and our diplomatic relations with Qatar.  Most important, we celebrate the personal relationships and the milestones that make it such a special partnership.  The United States is fortunate to have in Qatar a partner that doesn’t merely host us – but informs and advises us as well.”  Looking forward, Ambassador Smith also stressed the need to work together, now more than ever, to address the regional challenges and shared vision of the future.