U.S. Embassy Doha Warning against scam calls promising fake scholarships

The U.S. Embassy in Doha has been made aware of a recurring fraud scheme in which scammers call or email people, claiming to be working with U.S. embassies and Qatari embassies worldwide,  soliciting payment for U.S. educational opportunities or legal assistance with problems related to one’s previous educational programs in the U.S.  Furthermore, scammers claim that the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating these cases and requesting payment.  Please be aware of these types of scams and do not respond.  No U.S. government entity, including the U.S. Embassy in Qatar, will ever request payment for educational or legal services.  EducationUSA Doha (doha@educationusa.org) provides free U.S. higher education guidance to all residents of Qatar.  If you receive any calls or emails suggesting that you are under investigation by the FBI or other authority and a request for money is included, please inform the Ministry of Interior via a local police center or call the Cybercrime Combating Centre hotline: 6681 5757 or email cccc@moi.gov.qa and notify the embassy at DohaSecurity@State.gov.